Thursday, June 01, 2006

Listening To - Blink 182

The Mark Tom and Travis Show. I went on a driving vacation across the Western States in the summer of 2001. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana all in a month. It was just me all alone and I camped most of the time. It was fantastic. And I picked up this little gem at a dinky record store in Kalispell, Montana. And now, every time I here this album I think if that wonderful month of sun and fun, climbing to Angels Landing in Zion National Park or sitting all alone on the edge of Lake McDonald with only mountain goats around in Glacier Park. It looks like this album's not even available on Amazon - not sure why, but if you are a Blink fan maybe you can find it somewhere else. It's a good one as live Blink shows go - lots of fun and energy and good sound quality for a live gig. And remember, if you're going to Glacier Park this summer, there are lots of BEARS. Big Grizzly bears. So get some of that "grizzly-be-gone" pepper spray and don't hike alone. Or, if you do hike alone, take this CD and a little boom box and crank up the Blink on the trail. Bears will scatter without a doubt.



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