Sunday, May 07, 2006

Refreshing Trust

With the days getting longer and the eveings staying light until around 8pm we figured it was about time to start some after-work outings. A couple of days ago, GF sneaked out a bit early from under the taskmaster's whip and headed over to pick me up and embark on a little evening drive. We decided to do about an hour and a half loop through a nearby valley that is filled with fruit orchards. In the summer, in this area, there are fruit stands all over the place with the freshest apples, apricots, pears and all sorts of other yummy fruits and veggies. Well, we knew the fruit stands would be closed, but we hoped to catch a few of the trees as they started to come into bloom. However, as we were toodling along admiring the mountains and trees we came across a fruit stand at the side of the road that was open. Interested in what they might have at this time of year, we stopped.

We walked up and found this sign. It was open, and there were shelves of candies and dried fruits and other knickknacks, but there was nobody there. The farm house that seemed the logical home of the proprietors was about a quarter mile up a side road. In the back of the store there were big refrigerators filled with very large boxes of different types of apples and pears. And there was a metal box on a pole with a slot in the top to put your money in (there was a lock on the box - they weren't that trusting). Well, we weighed out 5 pounds of apples from the big walk-in fridge, I grabbed a package of dried pears and GF snagged a handful of apple candies and a little carved wooden thingy off one of the display shelves and then we used the calculator on the counter to figure what we owed and stuck it in the box. And I walked out of the place with the most gosh-darndest happy smile on my face. Too cool.



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