Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oil - The Start of the End - Or Not

A while back a guy at work dropped a movie on my desk and told me I just had to watch it. He said it would change my whole view of the world oil situation and where America, as the largest oil consumer, is heading. The name of the movie is The End of Suburbia. The guy who gave me the movie is not the excitable type and his obvious interest in the subject (which had never come up before) intrigued me. Well, it took a few weeks, but I did finally get around to watching it. And, it was interesting. It's a seemingly well researched and documented expose' of the theory that we are on the cusp of peak oil (that the world will never pump more oil out of the ground than we are doing today and we are near or already on the down slope of the oil production). It also theorizes on what that will mean for America. Essentially, oil will get so expensive that the sprawl and suburban America will cease to exist.

Now, usually I'm fairly leery of these "the sky is falling" types of books or movies or whatever. But, I think anyone who has put two seconds thought into the subject realizes oil won't last forever. But, are we truly at peak oil or do we have another generation? I don't know. But, here is another point of view that leans toward the latter theory, in other words, we ought to get our act together and start finding some alternative energy sources, but we have some time to do it. Also, the real "crisis" in the oil status quo is that most of it exists in volatile areas of the world. Interesting stuff.



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