Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dangerous Chicken

On Iran from the Christian Science Monitor:

Iran's breaking of its NPT obligations, as well as a US State Department report on terrorism worldwide that describes Iran as the most active state sponsor of terrorism, gives it little global support against sanctions. With Europe's help, the US could put public pressure on companies doing business in Iran, such as Royal Dutch/Shell and LG Construction, as well as banks supporting them.

Iran said it wouldn't turn off its oil spigot in response. But if, as OPEC's second-largest producer, it did so, the West would need to contend with prices above $100 a barrel. Striking a deal before such a game of chicken plays out seems like the most sensible course for all sides to take.

I think the CSM op-eders are probably pulling the $100 a barrel cost of oil out of their butt. However, obviously it is in everyone's best interest (in the West and America specifically) not to have Iran shut the valve. And I do agree that Iran has few friends in this world to help push their nuclear agenda. The veil of legitimacy in their "civilian" nuclear program looks lamer and lamer the harder they push and the more threats they issue. And I don't think even Russia and China will back them in the end.



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