Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Look Mexican - Lets See Your ID

The Prez says we can't deport all of the 11 million illegal immigrants that are estimated to be in the United States already. Well, duh. Not unless you want some kind of massive police action even assuming there was the available manpower for it (and there's not). I don't want that, and I bet you don't either if you think about the implications. But, for the love of Mike, we need to stop the problem from getting worse by tightening the borders and limiting access to some services. If you have to prove citizenship or legal residency to qualify for social services or get a job (for real, not just on paper), it becomes less appealing to come here illegally. And if you heighten the barrier to get across the border illegally (fence, more border patrol agents, more technology), you theoretically lower the number that do get across. It has to be a multi-pronged approach. I'd be satisfied to assimilate many of those that are here illegally now if there was a serious approach to gaining control of illegal immigration moving forward. Unfortunately, I think many of the politicians are not serious about doing something, even the ones blabbing about it because it's an election year.



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