Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Windows on Apple

Well, it's all the rave. And Wall Street thinks it's pretty damn cool, but I'm still scratching my head wondering exactly why I'd want to run Windows on an Apple computer. I'm interested in Apple, but more for it's OS X operating system than because they will now be running on Intel chips. I've even been down at the Apple store in the mall checking out the Mac Mini, and I like it because it's A. cheap, and B. runs OS X. I suppose if you could dual-boot between OS X and Windows, it would make switching from one to the other as a primary day-to-day work or play operating system easier. And I know some folks say that Apple hardware is superior, but is that really the case? I've had two Dells in the past 7 years running virtually constantly and they have never had a hiccup. So why the excitement? I suspect it's all about the Apple hardware form factor, which is something that eludes me.



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