Sunday, April 02, 2006

Too Many Pictures

I don't know about you, but my own digital photograph collection is beyond out of control. The primary problem, of coarse, is the naming (and my laziness). My Sony Cybershot digital camera names photos with file names like "DSC04990." The cool thing about this camera is that all photos are named sequentially. I know some reset the number-name. So when I download the photos to my computer I dump them into a temporary folder where I can look at them and see which ones I want to keep. At this point I SHOULD file them. But, generally I don't because I'm usually in a hurry.

So, sometime later I will get around to filing and renaming some of the pictures. Some I don't get to. Some I move to another temporary folder called "Temp2" or "Temp3" and on and on it goes to the point where I just seem to have so many files and folders and copies of files I don't know where to start trying to get on top of the problem. So, I went looking.

What I found were a couple of helpful, and FREE, utilities to catalog and compare files on your computer system. DupKiller is the one I finally chose, but Duplicate File Finder also seems to work very well. I just think DupKiller is a bit more intuitive and I like the way it works best for my needs.

Good luck with all those files!



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