Tuesday, April 25, 2006

State Booze Monopoly

When I first moved to Oregon from California some years back I was taken aback by the weird little state stores you must go to in order to buy liquor. Beer and wine can be purchased anywhere practically. But, in both Oregon and Washington state, liquor is a state-owned monopoly, and so you must go to a state store during temperate hours to buy your bottles of booze at a state-set price (which is high). If it's 7pm on a Saturday and you forgot the Tequila for your Mardi Gras party, well you're screwed. Or, maybe not if you live in downtown Portland and you know the one state store that's open till 9pm. This is lame and inconvenient and hanger-on bologna from after Prohibition. Considering the 21st Amendment was passed a little over 70 years ago, I'd say it's about time to migrate into the modern era. Evidently COSTCO thought so too, and so did the judge. I'll toast that! Did I mention that I just love COSTCO?



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