Friday, April 21, 2006

Nail Gun Suicide Attempt

From the Oregonian:

Three days after he shot the nails into his brain, doctors put the man in an operating room and took them out.

Surgeons cut from ear to ear, through the crown of his head, pulling the skin down to see the nails' heads. They started with the nail judged least threatening, just below the right ear. With a bone drill, surgeons chipped away bone around the nail until they could grab the head with pliers. They pulled it out....

After surgery, the man was a little swollen and had trouble moving his right side. But over the next week, his stiffness and swelling melted away. The surgeons were done with him.

"Then," West said, "we got the psychologist involved."

Good idea.

Who knew that nail gun suicide attempts were so common? Evidently, here in Oregon though, we now of the record of "most nails used" in such an attempt. Now there's one to be proud of. Anyway, before even reading the article I knew there was one thing involved for sure - meth. Kids, if this isn't a good example of what that crap can do to you, I don't know what is.



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