Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Microsoft Blunder

Was Internet Explorer Microsoft's greatest blunder ever? Dvorak thinks so, but I'm not convinced. Yes, they have spent untold amounts of time fighting holes and worms and viruses and other exploits, but I think the Internet is still evolving and even though we aren't doing our word processing (most of us) through a browser at present, there is much innovation yet to come. Portland Oregon will have a total coverage wireless network in a couple of years for everyone to use for free (with expanded services for a fee of course), so who knows what will be possible in the future with that sort of connectivity. I'm not saying that IE has been a good business decision to date or that I use it (I don't, I use Firefox), but I think it remains to be seen how much we will do through the browser in the future and maybe Microsoft has some tricks up their sleeve. Just my 2 bits.



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