Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Meetup Replacement

A while back the free Meetup.com service decided it was time to start charging some money for their service. I have attended a few meetups: one a digital camera group and another was a Delphi programming group. I think the service is works well. And, I think they should make a buck or two for running it. The problem is, when they started charging money, they hosed all the existing meetups, and decided that the fee to start a new one would be $200 a year. This is a problem. For small meetups, say 3 or 4 people like our programming group, this is just too much money. Maybe for larger groups you could solicit each member to throw in a few dollars and come up with the 200. Anyway, I can't imagine that the meetup community is anywhere near as large as it was before they started charging the fee.

Well, it looks like someone else is stepping in with a new service. Gatheroo.com is just in the starting stages, but it looks pretty cool. And, it's free! Personally, I think I will give them a little while to get their ducks in a row, but I suspect I will revisit the meetup concept again here in the near future and maybe restart the Delphi group.


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