Monday, April 10, 2006

Lefty Does It - Again

Well, ol' Lefty Mickelson did it again. And good for him. I was rooting for Freddie Couples myself. It's a nostalgia thing I guess. Freddie won the Masters the year I graduated from high school and I was rooting for him then. It would have been cool to see him pull it off, but the man couldn't sink a putt. Oh well, maybe he'll kick some butt on the Senior tour in a couple of years. I think his Masters-winning days are probably behind him with such a strong field at the top right now. But, man, he does still have a great swing. Anyway, whatever you think of Phil, he's a great player and he earned this one. And maybe he'll yet make up for all those missed chances over the years. Yes, Tiger made a charge like last year (when he won), but he tripped-up the birdie run in the stretch. I'm sure there's a few green jackets left with his name on them! Maybe even Phil will win another. And, here's some good clips from the recent 60 Minutes interview with Tiger.




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