Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm a Little Confused

So this past Monday we found out that President Spineless-turned-Evil was evil all along and involved up to his eyeballs with the whole terrorist thing from the beginning. But, he didn't actually count on Evil Terrorist Number One whacking President Palmer so that's why he was confused and dazed and couldn't make a decision to save his or anyone else's life at the beginning of the Prez job. It sorta makes sense I guess in Jack Bauer land, but somehow it doesn't ring completely true. Jack will still need to whack him. I give him maybe 2-3 episodes left to live - max (President Spineless Weasel I mean). As for the the killing, Jack knocked off a couple O' terrorists at the bank, but that was about it for his personal count. The cops whacked a few more terrorists as did the National Guard. Suffice it to say there were enough dead terrorists that I slept quite well Monday night - the world being a safer place and all. Till next week....







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