Saturday, April 29, 2006

DVD Fun - Zoolander

I don't have a long review because this one is just a silly Ben Stiller flick. Yes, I liked it. Yes, it's funny. Ben Stiller does his thing being goofy as Derek Zoolander the fashion model extraordinaire, but on his way down. Will Farrell is hilarious as the EVIL Magatu, exploiter of child labor, and Owen Wilson plays the air head Hansel, the new top male fashion model. Plus Jon Voight is quite funny as Derek Zoolander's coal miner father ashamed of the life his son has chosen as a fashion model. My one beef was the weird group sex scene with the reporter, Matilda Jeffries (Christine Taylor). There's no real explicit nudity, but it just sort of didn't fit and I didn't see the need for it in an otherwise clean-ish comedy. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it was because my Mom and Dad were watching with us. In any case, just beware if you pick this up on the way to Granny's house.


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