Monday, April 03, 2006

DVD Fun - Zathura

I didn't pick this when we cruised by Hollywood Video on the way to pick up a pizza, but I did enjoy it. Zathura. Not great, but a neat little story and it gets definite bonus points for the 50s style robot (with rear-mounted rocket propulsion!). The visual effects were good, but the banter between the little boys got old fast (yes, we understand brothers talk like this, but it just goes on and on...). The scary-factor is pretty low, it's PG rated, but the lizardy Zorgons might scare the wee-ones.

Now, a little mini-screed about Hollywood Video. We happened to be in a different neighborhood while on our pizza pick-up mission from the one where I usually go when I go to the video store at all anymore. I drive by this Hollywood Video all the time, but I'd never been in it. So, I have a Hollywood video card, I think I should be able to go right in and rent a few movies and we'd be out in 10 minutes. Wrong, wrong, wrong. After standing in line for 5 minutes waiting to get checked out by high school kids that clearly had something better to do with their time, I find that my Hollywood Video card ONLY WORKS at the store in my neighborhood where I got it (we are talking about 10 blocks away). Unbelievable. So I had to fill out another application, show driver's license and credit card, and wait for this all to be processed by the kid who could care less about my questions regarding connectivity in a chain store. I was nice, but slightly steamed for the waste of time.

Now, pain-in-the-ass connectivity problems notwithstanding, I'm not saying Hollywood Video, or your local video store or any other chain movie rental place is going out of business this year or next. The HV in my neighborhood allows dogs in the store and people like to go by on their evening walks and it serves as a meeting place in the community. I know some people like to go and paw the movies. But, pressure from Netflix, and cable and satellite movies on demand and new services like MovieBeam are certainly going to continue to take a bigger and bigger bite out of their business. Evidently, Wall Street thinks so too (Hollywood was acquired by Movie Gallery last year).



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