Thursday, April 13, 2006

DVD Fun - Undercover Brother

Last night's movie de jour was Undercover Brother. I wasn't feeling in much of a movie mood at all when I drove down to girlfriend's house, but she was (she always is). I pleaded for a comedy at least (and please, please not The Princess Bride again!), and so she entered the massive movie vault she keeps and came out clutching this in her paw. I never heard of it, but then that's not surprising. Well, watch it we did, and like it I did (there's my Yoda impression). It's not great, but it is mostly funny as a spoof of black stereotypes whether real or imagined. Basically, the black underground organization called the "Brotherhood" is working to stop "The Man's" attempts to undermine black culture. And the super-funky, all 70s, kung-fu master Undercover Brother is their new top agent. The "whitey" jokes got a little old, but Eddie Griffin as Undercover Brother with his massive fro and funk kept a smile on my face for most of this flick. A good one of you scratching for something funny, but don't set your expectations too high.


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