Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DVD Fun - Corpse Bride

We've been waiting on watching this one for while even though GF bought the movie a few months ago. Not waiting for any particular occasion, per se, but waiting till we both were in a Tim Burton mood. So, last Saturday night after a long day out and about we got the popcorn popped and plugged in The Corpse Bride.

We are both big Tim Burton fans and generally fans of Danny Elfman scores and they often go together with great effect. That is the case with Corpse Bride. And who better to do a score about the dead than Danny Elfman? It's a quirky little tale about a groom named Victor who mistakenly marries a corpse bride instead of his true love on the eve of his wedding. He is taken down to the wild Tim Burton underworld where he must ultimately decide whether he wants to stay down below in the land of the dead with his corpse bride (and voluptuous she is, even with one eye popping out all the time!), or return to his lovely living bride above.

It's fun and funny, and it's a cute tale with excellent animation (I loved the skeleton dog!). Plus, it's full of good messages for kids and adults. But, maybe the very small ones would find the skeletons and such a little scary. A good movie overall. Not the best Burton flick (Nightmare Before Christmas was better I thought), but worth the hour and fifteen minutes or so. And the added features about how they did the animation were pretty cool.



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