Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DVD Fun - Best in Show

Do you have movies you watch like you listen to CDs? You know, watch them over and over for whatever reason. I don't have too many. Most movies I see I don't need to see again. But, Best in Show is one of the few movies I do watch again and again. It's got the quirky Christopher Guest mockumentary comedy thing going and the dogs and, well, I just love Parker Posey. The movie takes the absurdly serious world of competitive dog showing and follows a group of eccentric dog owners and their dogs through the big Mayflower dog show. Guest himself plays the owner of a championship bloodhound who practices his ventriloquism on the side. Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock play a uber-yuppie couple in therapy with a Weimaraner they believe they have traumatized because it saw them having sex, and Catherine O'Hara is a girl with championship terrier and a long history who keeps running into past lovers that none-too-delicately recount their intimate past with her in front of her current husband (Eugene Levy). And if you like dogs at all, you should see this one just for the wonderful dogs, comedy aside. A good one - check it out.



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